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Our Eggs

Our egg layers are moved often to a new patch of land to graze on the grass/bugs/weeds of the prairie. These animals are happy and healthy. We do offer free choice grain that is NON GMO/ NON SOY/ NO HORMONES/ NO ANTIBIOTICS/NO GROWTH PROMOTERS. This ensure our chickens diet is free of harmful pesticides. We will be enhancing their feed with protein rich meal worms and larvae of soldier flies developed on the farm the lower the amount of grain our animals consume. We pride ourselves on running a closed loop farm and grain the only thing we bring in.

Where can you get Pasture Raised Donoma Farm Eggs?

Our eggs are available at the Larimer County Farmers Market (Summer Saturday 8-12noon) and through our CSA distributin system in Fort Collins  and on site at Donoma Farm, and through a CSA delivery to Fort Collins (Egg Share) (click on our forms page for more details).

Email justin@donomafarms.com with any questions


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